Dave and Liz

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This was our unmodified submission to the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project 2009.  Everything was written, shot and edited in 48 hours from 8/14/09 – 8/16/09.

A HUGE, HUGE thanks to the cast and crew involved, there were only six of us!!  This was the most fun that I’ve ever had shooting a film and it wouldn’t have been possible without you all!

Required Elements

– Genre: Romance
– Character: Zach or Zelda Alexander, an exterminator
– Line: “Tell me again why this matters?” (could be broken up)
– Prop: A piece from a board game


James Lontayao … DAVE
Mae Cruz … LIZ
Shahaub Roudbari … ZACH ALEXANDER
John Nguyen … ZEL DA

D.B. Cheng … Producer, Camera, DP, Music/Sound, 1st AD
James Chen …  Director, Writer, Editor, DP
John Nguyen … Fight Choreography, Stunts
Shahaub Roudbari … Fight Choreography, Stunts
James Lontayao … Stunts

Shot on a Panasonic GH-1 and a Panasonic HMC150 with a Letus Extreme adapter.  For the GH-1, a mix of kit and Canon FD primes.

Music composed in GarageBand by D.B. Cheng.